The Digital Nomad Lifestyle – A Conversation with Pat Daley from True Transient


I recently had the awesome opportunity to speak with a fellow traveller about the digital nomad lifestyle. Pat Daley first started his blog, True Transient, last year when he famously hitchhiked across the United States. His videos quickly became a hit and he has been sharing his exciting digital nomad experience ever since.

While Wireless Vagabond is primarily about my story and my experiences, I thought it would be nice to do a few ‘mini podcasts’ with fellow digital nomads and other interesting people I’ve crossed paths with during my travels. On this mini podcast, Pat and I discuss everything from taking the leap to becoming a digital nomad, to the freedom this lifestyle gives us, to how to deal with haters and others who want to hold you back.


As mentioned above, Pat Daley has his own blog called True Transient and I definitely recommend you check him out! You can also go check out his YouTube Channel, Facebook Page and Instagram.


Click here to download the podcast!