Early Stages: Finally, the Adventure Begins!

For those who read my first blog post about breaking away and chasing the dream, you’ll already know that a few months ago, I decided against a standard career and instead chose to take a leap and try my luck at doing my own thing. The intention of this blog is to document my adventure and my attempt to make it without pursuing a 9-to-5 career. I haven’t written in quite a while because, frankly, there was not much to write about in terms of my progress. Until now.

After graduating in May and travelling over the summer, I found myself in Spain, without a plan, once again living with my parents. Scared of getting stuck, I quickly began working on a plan to earn a location-independent income. The way I saw it was that I needed to be flexible, both in time and space, in order to travel around, pursue my dreams and work on the various projects and ideas I had. Ambitiously, I set February as a personal deadline to make a salary online and set out on a great adventure.

My first idea was to work with affiliate marketing with various financial services. The idea seemed simple: set up affiliate partnerships, design a bunch of websites, make them rank high on google and sit back as the profits role in. Unfortunately, by November, I finally had to admit that it just wasn’t that easy. I was making some money, but it wasn’t the stable and reliable income I needed in order to set out on my big adventure. Around the same time I began working at a web design and digital marketing firm in order to save some money, keep myself busy and learn a thing or two about earning money online.

Around the same time, I began working on a few other small ideas, none of which really panned out the way I’d hoped. By late November I started freaking out; I wasn’t on track to achieving my goal and now, on top of everything, I was at risk of getting stuck due to the comfort of my newfound job.

Around Christmas time I decided that I was going to leave Spain in February and travel, regardless of whether I had the means to do so sustainably. I realised that I simply had to take the leap, otherwise I would find myself stuck, eternally waiting for a “perfect time” that would never really come. Whatever the situation, as long as I had enough money to leave, the rest would fall into place somehow. It was time to really put the law of attraction and power of positivity to the test.

“I am going to seek a grand perhaps; draw the curtain, the farce is played” – François Rabelais.

As soon as I made the decision, I found myself looking at all sorts of alternatives in order to make sure my adventure would not end with me back at home, broke and without a plan. I began signing up to various freelancer portals and taking on a number of freelance writing jobs. I figured that I could build somewhat of a client base and a reputation in order to later sustain myself through writing as I travelled.

Spurred on by the excitement of pursuing my big adventure, I decided to take the leap and book a one-month return flight from Europe to Bangkok. The plan is to spend 10 days in the Netherlands, 8 days in Denmark and then 4 weeks of travelling through Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam and Laos; my absolute dream trip.

Needless to say, my boss wasn’t particularly pleased by my decision; he had hoped that I would become a core part of the team. Fortunately, after days of back and forth negotiations and the backing of two great colleagues of mine, I managed to convince the company to keep employing me on a freelance basis. This was exactly what I needed: a stable form of income that allowed me to work online whenever I wanted, wherever I wanted.