8 best fabric softener for wrinkles -Tested & Reviewed

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best fabric softener for wrinkles

You’re surely aware by now that doing laundry involves more than just throwing your filthy clothes in the washer and pressing start. Using the proper techniques, such as sorting clothing by color, reversing zippered goods, and placing delicates in a mesh laundry bag, is essential for the greatest outcomes. Of course, the proper supplies are also essential, including laundry softener and detergent with excellent performance.

You say softener? This step is optional, however consider fabric softener as conditioner for your clothes and fabric softener for your hair. It softens textiles, lessens static and wrinkles, and leaves a pleasant, lingering fragrance in its wake.

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1. Ultra Downy Silk Touch Fabric Softner


This fabric conditioner won the Good Housekeeping Seal and consistently provided the maximum softness in our testing. It has a powerful and long-lasting flowery scent that consumers enjoy, but it may be too overpowering for those sensitive to fragrance.

According to the manufacturer, the softener prevents clothing from stretching, yellowing, and fuzzing, extending the life of your favorite goods. It’s a low-cost option found at nearly any grocery shop. Downy’s fabric softener is also suitable with most machines, including top- and front-loading washers and high-efficiency appliances, making it even more convenient.


  • Long-lasting scent.
  • Compatible with most machines.


  • Scent may be too strong for some.

2. Bounce Dryer Sheets Laundry Fabric Softener

best fabic softener for wrinkles

Though these single-use items are less environmentally friendly than liquid fabric softeners, the convenience must be maintained. For starters, there is no hefty bottle to carry, which is ideal for anyone who goes to the laundromat to do their laundry.

Place one or two sheets in the dryer while your clothes tumble. (For optimal performance, the manufacturer suggests two per load.) They work in ordinary and high-efficiency machines and produce results similar to those of liquid conditioners. The sheets work hard to reduce wrinkles and static while providing a fresh, clean aroma.


  • Simple and lightweight
  • new aroma


  • The manufacturer advises use two per load.

3. Beyond Fabric Softener Sheets 

These dryer sheets, which won the 2023 Good Housekeeping Best Cleaning & Organizing Award, are marketed as an environmentally friendly substitute for traditional dryer sheets. The product is acknowledged as being entirely produced from biological components, such as plants since it is a 99% USDA Certified Biobased Product. Plant-based softeners are used with renewable fibers to create the non-woven sheet.

The outcomes also impressed the consumer testers and our lab. Without leaving any waxy residue, we saw sufficient softening and static control. One tester said, “I liked the natural scent that lasted a long time.” “It leaves clothes with a fresh, clean scent—without the overpowering perfume-like scent I associate with regular dryer sheets.”


  • plant-based goods
  • The fresh aroma is not overbearing.


  • a little more costly than standard sheets

4. Bounce Pet Hair and Lint Guard Mega Dryer Sheets

best fabic softener for wrinkles

These dryer sheets outperformed four other gadgets we tried lately designed to remove pet hair from laundry. We used half of one of these giant sheets in the dryer for a 20-minute cycle after coating a plush sweater with a large quantity of fake pet hair and washing it on a standard cycle. After the cycle was finished, the shirt was almost completely clear of pet hair.

Even while the product’s main selling point is its capacity to remove hair, our testing revealed that it also performs a fantastic job softening cloth. However, their lifespan is limited, as, with all dryer sheets; you may prolong their useful life by using them to remove dust from furniture, baseboards, and other surfaces.


  • In our test, pet hair was almost completely eliminated.
  • also softens well


  • Not very environmentally friendly

5. Ensueño – Max Liquid Fabric Softener

best fabic softener for wrinkles

More than 35 days of fresh aroma thanks to long-lasting fragrance technology. Color Safe mixture. Keeps clothing smelling good and feeling smooth after every wash. We’ve also shown that our Color Safe product makes ironing simpler. The biodegradable formula of Ensueo decomposes swiftly and securely without endangering the environment. Neutralizes the negative charge on clothes to stop static cling.

People who enjoy a strong scent should also pay attention. Even weeks after washing, the liquid fabric softener retains its aroma thanks to essential oils. Note: While we didn’t find this the case while testing, other reviewers claimed that the product is quite thick and concentrated. Just take care to adhere to the instructions on the container to avoid using excessive amounts.


  • persistent odor
  • Absence of waxy residue


  • Possibly thick

6. Downy RINSE & REFRESH Laundry Odor Remover and Fabric Softener


Are you sick of smells that won’t go away on your clothing? Presenting Downy Rinse & Refresh, a revolutionary odour eliminator that aids in eliminating foul odours from cloth fibres. Unlike standard liquid fabric softeners, Downy Rinse & Refresh is a laundry detergent booster that helps eliminate residues and smells from clothes. The resulting fabrics are brighter, softer, and fresher.

The smells don’t come back. Downy Rinse & Refresh leaves behind an aroma of fragrant lavender. Without the use of vinegar or other do-it-yourself washing tips, Downy Rinse & Refresh detergent booster eliminates smells. Since it doesn’t include any strong fragrances or dyes,

this odour remover is ideal for baby garments and is kind to delicate skin. Plus, it’s simple to use! Pour it straight into your liquid fabric softener dispenser or the rinse cycle. Would you want to add additional zest? Downy Fragrance Booster Beads provide even more freshness.


  • The scent is wonderful
  • All fabrics are safe to use


  • It is not a true fabric softener

7. HEX Performance Fabric Conditioner


Two 32-ounce fabric conditioners with citrus and apple undertones are included in the pack of two (32 oz). Keeps clothing wickable, flexible, and supple. For medium-sized loads, add one capful to line 3; for heavy loads, add two capfuls to line 3. Put in the rinse cycle or the fabric conditioner section. Skin-friendly: Not overbearing in scent or irritating.

Every machine, including HE, functions, as do the water temps. Clothes feel like new because they eliminate static cling and leave no residue behind! Use HEX Performance Laundry detergent. The product doesn’t include SLS or parabens and is biodegradable. Vegan-friendly.

According to the makers, this conditioner is also kinder to the skin. Despite having a faint “fresh and clean” aroma, it is produced without harsh aromas or allergens to cater to sensitive skin. The perfume might not remain long enough, depending on your tastes. Nevertheless, it functions in all kinds of washing machines, and while we haven’t verified the claim in our lab, it is said to contain a biodegradable composition.


  • Useful for items that cannot be softened with fabric softener
  • Safe for sensitive skin


  • Scent is not particularly long-lasting

8. Downy Wrinkleguard Laundry Fabric Softener


Downy’s specialist fabric softener is the solution for individuals who struggle with wrinkles in their laundry. We tested this in our lab and found considerable wrinkle-reducing advantages. However, for the best wrinkle resistance, use the maximum dosage. The manufacturer says that this treatment would soften and relax fabric even more, increasing its flexibility and resilience and resulting in fewer creases.

Rest assured, Downy’s fabric softener is compatible with all types of machines, be it front- or top-loaders, or high-efficiency washers. However, it’s important to note that it doesn’t produce a strong aroma. It’s labelled as ‘fresh,’ but some users have reported a mild or no scent, which could be a positive or negative aspect depending on your preferences.


  • Dedicated wrinkle reducer
  • Softens at the same time


  • Doesn’t have much of a scent

How to Choose the Best Fabric Softener for Wrinkles

When selecting a fabric softener to combat wrinkles, consider the following:

1. Fabric Type

  • Ensure the softener is suitable for all fabric types you wash regularly.

2. Scent Preferences

  • If you have sensitivity to fragrances, opt for a hypoallergenic or unscented version.

3. Environmental Impact

  • Consider eco-friendly options if you’re looking to minimize your environmental footprint.

4. Ease of Use

  • Decide whether you prefer liquid softeners, dryer sheets, or pods based on your laundry routine.

5. Additional Benefits

  • Look for softeners that offer additional benefits like static reduction or odor elimination.


Choosing the right fabric softener can drastically reduce wrinkles and enhance the overall look and feel of your garments. Whether you opt for a liquid, sheet, or pod, the right product can save you time and effort, making laundry day a breeze. Try one of our top picks and embrace the ease of wrinkle-free clothes!

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